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OpenTokenRegistry (OTR) is an open source, volunteer-maintained registry of tokens issued on Bitcoin Cash. OTR is used to display human-readable names, icons, ticker symbols, and other token information in some Bitcoin Cash wallets, block explorers, indexers, and other software.

Free & Transparent

OpenTokenRegistry is free to use in your software (CC0), there are no fees to list or update token information, and the listing and verification process is public and transparent.

Using the Registry

Some wallets, explorers, and other types of software come with built-in support for OpenTokenRegistry. This enables the most secure usage, as developers may enable additional verification to suit their applications. For details, see Integration for Developers.

To use OpenTokenRegistry (OTR) in software without built-in support, import OpenTokenRegistry's Bitcoin Cash Metadata Registry (BCMR) into your software via URL: Compatible software will automatically fetch the latest version of the registry, and if supported, upgrade to on-chain resolution for future updates.